Phi Beta Kappa


America's Oldest Honorary Society

The Tradition

THE TRADITION of the Beta Kappa began on December 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia. Since then, election to Phi Beta Kappa is a recognition of intellectual capacities, well employed, especially in the acquiring of an education in the liberal arts and sciences.

The Objectives

THE OBJECTIVES of human learning encouraged by Phi Beta Kappa include intellectual honesty and tolerance, range of intellectual interest, and understanding, not merely "knowledge."

The Pride

THE PRIDE is enormous when one is elected to membership. That's why people are attracted to it and why members feel obligated to maintain those standards which have distinguished the Society for over two centuries.

The Contribution

THE CONTRIBUTION made by Phi Beta Kappa in service to its community lies in various intellectual interests and pursuits which Phi Beta Kappa supports, such as promoting academic excellence in secondary schools, colleges, and graduate programs; making donations to libraries, and awarding scholarships to outstanding students and scholars.

The Association: ΦΒΚ of North Texas

THE ASSOCIATION. The North Texas Association of Phi Beta Kappa is one of 53 regional associations across the United States and was chartered in 1949. Geographically its membership comes from Dallas and the outlying area where the standards of excellence of over 4,000 Phi Beta Kappa members provide an example for the community.
The objectives of learning championed by Phi Beta Kappa is not limited to knowledge, but also to intellectual honesty and tolerance, and to a range of intellectual interests and understandings.