Constitution and Bylaws


The ΦΒΚ North Texas Association

Article I.

This Association is a constituent member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, an unincorporated association (herinafter, “Phi Beta Kappa Society”), or its successor-in-interest, and shall be known as the North Texas Association, or the Beta Association of Texas.

Article II.

This Association is under the general supervision and control of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The object of this Association shall be the union of the members of Phi Beta Kappa in such region as may be defined in its bylaws, with a view to the promotion of scholarship, friendship, and cultural interests, and the exercise of the proper responsibility of the educated for their communities.

Article III.

Every member of Phi Beta Kappa of whatever chapter resident in said region shall be regarded as eligible for membership and, in so far as addresses are known and it is practicable, should be notified at least once each year of his or her eligibility. No person not a member of Phi Beta Kappa may be elected to membership.

Article IV.

At least one meeting shall be held each year. Meetings should reflect the objectives of the Phi Beta Kappa Society—friendship, morality, and the love of learning—and should in general be dignified and scholarly in character.

Article V.
The Council

A delegate or, if the membership of the Association is 200 or more, two delegates, may be sent to represent the Association at each meeting of the Council of Phi Beta Kappa, provided that the Association is accredited by the Senate as an active Association; that is, as duly chartered and having at least 25 members in good standing, at least one meeting each year, and fees to the Phi Beta Kappa Society fully paid, and as having acted in harmony with the laws, requirements, and ideals of Phi Beta Kappa.

The objectives of learning championed by Phi Beta Kappa is not limited to knowledge, but also to intellectual honesty and tolerance, and to a range of intellectual interests and understandings.