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Wine Tasting at Inwood Vinyards

A PBK Wine Tasting at the Inwood Vinyards!


Come and mingle with your fellow Phi Beta Kappas in the North Texas Association! Enjoy fantastic wines grown and fermented right here in Texas. Take part in the lively eclectic discussion sure to ensue when PBKs get together, and lend your ideas for association events this year. Food is provided. Camaraderie is encouraged. This is one wine tasting you won't want to miss! Click here for event information.


Nominations Due for U.S. Professors of the Year Program


The Phi Beta Kappa Society is proud to cosponsor the U.S. Professors of the Year Awards Program that seeks to highlight outstanding undergraduate professors "who excel in teaching and positively influence the lives and careers of students." Click here to nominate your colleague or professor...


Networking and Job Opportunities

We solicit any job postings which you would like to pass along to our Phi Beta Kappas. To contact us about a potential job opening, please click here.


Are You State of the Art (and Science too)?

The newly launched State of the Arts and Sciences will provide Phi Beta Kappa members like you with the tools, resources, and opportunities that you can use to strengthen the liberal arts and sciences.

In upcoming issues, you will also find inspiring stories from around the country. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that American higher education is indeed state of the art (and science too).

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Dear Fellow ΦΒΚ,

I would like to welcome you to the North Texas Association of Phi Beta Kappa! If you are new to the area, or recently inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, let me extend to you a special invitation to join the North Texas Association, the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association for North Texas. We are dedicated to promoting lifelong learning and friendship among all members of Phi Beta Kappa residing in North Texas. And if you are a past member, thank you for your support, and welcome back! We have another exciting year of excellent programs. Read More...


Phi Beta Kappa's New Toolkit

I had a friend from another country who referred to the workout gear he kept in his gym bag as his “kit.” In this country, we speak of sewing kits, shaving kits, first aid kits, survival kits, emergency kits, and of course, tool kits. A kit is a purposefully collected... Read More

The objectives of learning championed by Phi Beta Kappa is not limited to knowledge, but also to intellectual honesty and tolerance, and to a range of intellectual interests and understandings.